Sound-generator see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Function_generator


Amplifier  see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amplifier



Camera & tripod


You can use a PC with a software sound-generator (downloadable).



Procedure for generating & filming watersoundimages    


Put the loudspeaker on his back, so that the conus stands horizontal. 

Put a little bowl with water on the conus.


Warning: the paper-conus gets damaged by water! Protect it. The bowl could jump, so use adhesive paste. Change frequenty and amplitude very carefully. Watch out when the watersurface gets wild.


Try a frequenty between 10 and 4O Hz (gives simple patterns), adjust the volume until you see concentric circles, or a regular division of the round watersurface. 

 It is not the frequenty alone that generates a certain pattern. You have to look for the right proportion between the "eigenfrequenty" (own frequenty) of the water-system (influenced by the diameter of the watersurface) and the generated  frequenty, together with the appropriate amplitude. When you see a regular pattern appearing, try to keep all circumstances stabel.


Let a light shine perpendicular above the middle of the watersurface. The uneven surface of the water reflects the light in alle directions.The tops (and depressions) of the waves, because they are orientated vertical) reflect the light perpendicular back up.


So when your eye or the cameralens is positioned also perpendicular above the middle, you see the images in the right perspective.


 Now you can start filming...

To do it yourself: http://www.rmcybernetics.com/projects/DIY_Devices/homemade_cymatics_display.htm

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