A monotone, mechanical beat

is transformed by the water

into a rhythmical symphony of patterns 

Look this high-speed film, filmed at 1000 frames per second:  you see 1 second of what happens in this Water-Sound-Motion. 

In this slideshow you can see how several patterns follow up each other in nearly one second...

But in this slideshow the rhythmical element is gone. For that you have to look to the film series, and then you will notice the "musical" character of such a water sound dance.

And that is just the special phenomena of these experiments: the monotone, boring repetition of one frequency is just a simple event. But the water, as you know, always responds an impulse  by waves. In our round vessel by circular waves, that bounce back on the border. The two waves interfere... 

And when you adjust to the right frequency the wonder happens!

The uncomplicated beat of the loudspeaker is converted into something completely  new: in rich symmetrical patterns that change constantly on a rhythmical way. 

You can read all about this on the Geometry - pages, periodic  and dynamical regularities, harmonic totality, and on the other pages in this website.

The water is creating a completely unexpected process, a complex cycle, an ensemble of symmetrical patterns that are connected, into a compound organization. 

The beat is transformed into a melody, into a real symphony.

It can make us think about that other wonderful process:  LIFE.

Studying water and this "Water Sound Motions" can help us to understand a little bit more about life?

An analytic way of looking alone could not predict this patterns and motions from interfering circular waves, no more then it could foresee the behavior of water by adding up the properties of H (explosive) and O (fire feeding)! 

And then, should we believe that "life" is nothing more then material elements that fall together in a coincidal  way? 

Or does it come from another "dimension"? Anyway, a kind of "meditative" empathizing with our "Water sound Motions" could help us to find an additional way of understanding biochemistry and life.

Because: this simple experiment, with nothing more then technical devices, creates so fascinating beauty, in space and time.

We cannot explain it, so it is a (kind of) Wonder. 

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