In 5 equal sectors divided circular watersurfaces. 


It looks to me that watersoundimages devided in five sectors seem to have the most diversity of patterns, inside one film as well as in different films.

Here a few images from the film bellow. This way you can compare them better.




Now look to the movie... 

5-G2-Tekening.MOV 5-G2-Tekening.MOV
Size : 4.386 Kb
Type : MOV


A very slowly changing metamorphosis between alternating  patterns, asking an accurate adjustment of frequency and amplitude. Searching for a wave-length that causes a standing wave that doesnot alternate, and then a loudness that creates a regular pattern.

You can see that the alternation to the next phase passes through a transitional stage.



And again similar but not equal patterns... 

Filmed with a circular light around the camera-lens. Mention the (3D-looking) details ...


Another particular form within the regular in 5 equal sectors devided circular watersurface.



Filmed 1 second with 1000 frames, and you can look what happened ... 


Want to look at the 6-fold-devided water-sound-motions ?

5-CIMG2500Kort-desktop.m4v 5-CIMG2500Kort-desktop.m4v
Size : 3.735 Kb
Type : m4v
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