Harmonic totality


It is good to realize yourself on every moment that what you see is only  a part of an ongoing process, of a total event.

The image you see, with your naked eye, the structure on a photo, the proces in a film are all just one aspect of what is happening. It is that part of the water-surface that reflects the light to the observer, by the zones of the water-relief orientated to you; the light reflects with the same angle on a plane as the incoming angle. (So if you would look under an other angle, you would see irregular images, ...)

The waves who cause that relief are influenced (or generated?) by the inner currents in the watermass. Both are stimulated by the way water is responding on the basic periodic vibration. Their dynamics create forms (in a short moment of time), structures come in to being, metamorphose and disappear.

Concentric polaritys change under influence of the boundaries outside and inside. Opposite pulsations alternate ritmicly.

Forms and processes arrange themselves in numerical order, symmetries and polarities, pulsating and alternating in faze-changes, in time and in structures.

Straight radials keep the curved structures ordened, curved circlewaves generate straight lines.

Complicated? And yet, all those dozens of processes get atuned with each other, with the totality of ordering and HARMONY. They work together as in a composition, as a SYM-PHONY (together-sounding).


This harmony, that is what surprises us most, the beauty attracts our attention.

All this happens spontaneously! (Although, the examinator search for the best fitting frequency and amplitude in this watersystem.)


It looks similar to what happens in living organisms (organized beings), in cells, genes and epigenetic processes, photosynthesis, etcetera. Molecules and atoms look like integrated complex processes. Our dear living earth is organized by geological, meteorological, and endless more processes to a harmonic system the enables live on her. Are there cymatic laws involved in all these?

Hans Jenny and Alexander Lauterwasser gave many examples where those cymatic phenomena could play a part. You should read them.


Maybe I’ll add a page to this once…

This is, until now, the last page about the geometrical aspects in watersoundimages and movements. 

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