In 3 sectors divided watersoundimages



Changing the quality of the light gives other images of the same process of alternating patterns. Here is used a 100 Watt bulb, 30 cm above the watersurface.




Start the movie.




Mercury, the liquid metal, with other propertys  then water,  also creates regular patterns when oscillated in a round vessel.


Click it!




Next film is recorded in High Speed, with 420 frames per second. Films are played with 30 fps, and in this presentation I let most of them play in half that speed, so we can see quietly what is going on.

As you will see, the water draws her patterns with points, that are moving so quick that our eyes (and a camera that films at 30 fps) registrate lines. Like when a laserbeam moves fast over a wall.




Enjoy the ringdance of the ritmic moving points ... 

Almost every time you look for another water-sound-image, the result is different, although the number of section-dividing is the same, like in the six films placed together... 

 Although all these water-sound-images are divided in three sectors, they have different patterns. In some cases because the used light or the camera-registration is different, but generally there will be always other patterns. Even in an ongoing process the patterns change gradually to other forms. Just like the choice for which number of division, the patterns are formed in a certain degree of hazard. Nevertheless all sectors are symmetric!

Meanwhile admire the 4-sector-motions ... 

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